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Malaysian Cat Geckos For Sale
Aeluroscalabotes felines
Captive Bred and Born

Rarely offered in the hobby, the Malaysian Cat Gecko is one of our favorite species to keep. These are really easy to care for once husbandry has been met.
 Cat Geckos are shy, timid, small sized and fragile. They possess small retractable claws that help them in climbing, and they like to curl their tails around their body like a cat. A 12x12x18 or larger bioactive enclosure is a must for these guys with lots of branches and plants to climb and hide on. They are insectivores so feeding them small crickets, worms, isopods 2 to 3 at a time is ideal. Humidity should be between 65-80%.  Daily misting with R/O or distilled water is necessary with this species. They have a mineral sensitivity so supplementing should be limited to once every 2 weeks. As for temperature requirements 72F -78F works well during the daytime. A nighttime drop 66F -72F is ideal. This species is nocturnal so UVB is not required but you can use a small wattage UVB lamp if you have live plants in your enclosure. Bright lights, loud noises and handling should be kept to a minimum.

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