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Evolver Reptiles is a two person husband and wife team who have a deep passion for all animals. In 2015, we decided to work with our animals full time. We have hand picked all our breeding stock from the best breeders in the US and Canada. Today, the majority of our breeding stock has been produced at our facility and we have multiple generations.  We provide high quality healthy reptiles for collectors, reptile enthusiasts as well as anyone looking for a pet. We work with many species of reptiles, amphibians and insects that we may offer for sale from time to time.

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Feel Free to Contact Us if your looking for something in particular.


These are the species we are actively working with and will be listing for sale in 2024:

  • Crested Gecko (Correlophus ciliatus)

  • Chahoua Gecko (Mniarogeckko Pine Island)

  • Northern Blue Tongue Skink (Tiliqua scincoides intermedia)

  • Giant Day Gecko (Phelsuma grandis)

  • Emerald Tree Skink (Lamprolepis smaragdina)

  • Gargoyle Gecko (Rhacodactylus auriculatus)

  • Malaysian Cat Gecko (Aeluroscalabotes felinus & dorsalis)

  • Western Hognose Snake (Heterodon nasicus)

  • Spiny-tailed Red Ackie Monitor (Varanus acanthurus)

  • Uromastyx ornate (U. ornata and Philbyi)

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