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Crested Geckos

Correlophus Ciliatus

 Our main priority is providing the healthiest animal possible. Our original bloodlines have come from the best breeders in the US and Canada. They are all unrelated and we keep it that way. The majority of our breeding stock have been produced at Evolver Reptiles. We keep records and lineage. We do not sell baby geckos or geckos under 20 grams. This allows us to identify any health issues/defects before being sold and allows the gecko to thrive as a baby. We have many more geckos that are not listed for sale. Subscribe to our newsletter to get notifications when we release more.

We sell all the foods we feed our geckos Here                                                                     

30 day payment plan for animals over $300 info Here

We breed cleaner crews/feeders for your bioactive homes Here

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  • #10038 - Adult Male Harlequin
    #10038 - Adult Male Harlequin - Evolver Reptiles
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